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Manpower Inc. Chairman and CEO Jeff Joerres to Co-Chair World Economic Forum India Economic Summit 2008, 16-18 November

Joerres Remarks, Manpower India White Paper Address the Country's Emergence as a Major Supplier of International Talent in Context of Current Global Economic Climate

Nov 16, 2008

Manpower Inc. (NYSE: MAN) Chairman and CEO Jeff Joerres will serve as co-chair of the World Economic Forum India Economic Summit 2008 from 16 - 18 November, providing insight and global perspective on India's rapid emergence as a player in the global workforce.


"The current backdrop of the global economy makes this Summit an opportune time to bring India into focus, as the past few months have clearly demonstrated the world is, in fact, synchronized," said Joerres. "The economic downturn is masking mega trends such as shifting demographics and talent shortages, which are fundamental rather than cyclical, as long-term access to the right talent is critical to an organization's employer brand. Organizations will need to take time to recalibrate their workforce in order to achieve the agility they need to effectively respond to market dynamics."

In speaking engagements throughout the Summit, Joerres will address opportunities for inclusive growth and the state of the nation's skills shortage. The International Monetary Fund projects that India's remarkable track record for 9 percent growth over the past three years will slip to just 6.3 percent next year, undoubtedly impacting the quality of the country's talent pool. Although its growth appears to be slowing, India has recently emerged one of the largest and fastest growing exporters of human resources.

"As many of the world's economies are faced with talent implications of these mega trends, India finds itself in a unique position," added Joerres. "With the potential to become the most prominent source of talent over the coming decades, India must address educational and infrastructural challenges in order to turn that opportunity into a reality."

The Summit's theme, "Securing India's Future Growth," is expected to highlight India's development and industry priorities. Joerres will participate in two key sessions:

-- In "Securing Opportunities for Inclusive Growth in India," on Monday, Joerres will discuss the talent implications of India's agriculture sector, which is 65 percent of its labor industry and growing, becoming more efficient and technologically advanced.

-- In "A Skills Shortage after the Brain Drain?" on Tuesday, Joerres will discuss the current and expected impact that India's "Brain Drain" will have on availability and development of skilled labor.

During the Summit, Manpower India will launch "India's Borderless Workforce," a white paper exploring the country's global role as a major supplier of international talent. Highlights of the white paper include: how Indian talent mobility is creating a competitive advantage for India; an examination of the scale and scope of the skills international companies seek from India's talent force; the impact of talent mobility on India's labor force; and an exploration of the possible implications of Indian talent mobility on government policy. The white paper is available for download at: d=21334

The World Economic Forum is a Geneva-based non-profit foundation that brings together top business leaders, international political leaders, selected intellectuals and journalists to discuss the most pressing issues facing the world including health and the environment. The Forum produces a series of research reports and engages its members in sector specific initiatives.

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