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Manpower Inc. and Paso del Norte Group Work Together to Bolster Economy and Workforce Readiness of U.S.-Mexico Border Region

Manpower Addresses El Paso Border Security Conference on Human Capital Development

EL PASO, Texas
Aug 13, 2010

Manpower Inc. (NYSE: MAN), a world leader in innovative workforce solutions, has announced that it has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Paso del Norte Group aimed at improving labor and employment services in, and the economic integration and development of, the U.S.-Mexico cross-border Paso del Norte region.


Manpower Inc. President of Corporate and Government Affairs, David Arkless, addressed the seventh-annual U.S.-Mexico Border Security Conference at the University of Texas-El Paso, speaking at the conference's leadoff panel on "Human Capital Development: Building on Innovation and Entrepreneurship." This conference, sponsored by Area Congressman Silvestre Reyes, chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives' Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, addresses ways of "re-envisioning the border community to foster a U.S.-Mexico partnership for prosperity, progress, and socio-economic development."

"True border security relies on promoting employment opportunity and socio-economic development on both sides of the border," said Arkless. "Manpower is engaged across the globe in developing workforce solutions relevant to appropriate and constructive cross-border recruitment and migration. Developing people to help them unleash their potential -- equipping them with knowledge, skills, and work experience -- is the key to creating a more prosperous future for individuals, their families, and their communities."

The joint venture between Manpower and the Paso del Norte Group will be guided by Paso del Norte's Blueprint for Global Competitiveness, a regional economic development and human capital strategy that has been integrated with a higher-education study supported by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The OECD has been encouraging communities across the globe to review the ways higher education can contribute to regional and city development.

"The Paso del Norte region represents a nearly $70 billion annual economy and has been recognized as a 'Top 15' economic engine in the United States," said Jackie Mitchell Edwards, Chief Operating Officer of the Paso del Norte Group. "More than $51 billion in trade crosses the border here. It is critical that we take a regional and bi-national approach to maximize and realize the potential of our nearly three million residents. Ciudad Juarez offers a world-class manufacturing workforce and El Paso features outstanding logistics and New Mexico has exceptional technology. In cooperation with Manpower, we can take further steps to integrate these strengths to achieve a model 21st Century sustainable community."

The main areas of cooperation will include improving information on regional skills demand; strengthening employment and training connections between higher education and regional businesses; leveraging the regional research base to promote new business startups; undertaking a broad educational effort to build entrepreneurial skills and promote an entrepreneurial culture; and implementing selected workforce development programs to address skills gaps and pockets of deprivation.

One of the first projects Manpower will undertake is a comprehensive survey of regional employers' skills requirements and regional skills shortage. The survey report will analyze and project skills demand in the region to guide specific educational and workforce initiatives.

"Our shared vision is to take maximum advantage of existing and potential resources to build human capital in the cross-border region," added Arkless. "We want to create a stronger skills base, a culture and infrastructure for lifelong learning, and an effective support system for local new business startups that create jobs. These measures will help transform the border region into a high-value research and manufacturing center that will flourish in the global economy."

About Manpower Inc.

Manpower Inc. (NYSE: MAN) is a world leader in innovative workforce solutions; creating and delivering services that enable its clients to win in the changing world of work. With over 60 years' experience, Manpower offers employers a range of solutions and services for the entire employment and business cycle including permanent, temporary and contract recruitment; employee assessment and selection; training; outplacement; outsourcing and consulting. Manpower's worldwide network of 4,000 offices in 82 countries and territories enables the company to meet the needs of its 400,000 clients per year, including small and medium size enterprises in all industry sectors, as well as the world's largest multinational corporations. The focus of Manpower's work is on raising productivity through improved quality, efficiency and cost-reduction across their total workforce, enabling clients to concentrate on their core business activities. Manpower Inc. operates under five brands: Manpower, Manpower Professional, Elan, Jefferson Wells and Right Management. More information on Manpower Inc. is available at

About Paso del Norte

The Paso del Norte Group is a membership organization of business and civic leaders promoting the economic, social, and cultural vitality of the region by cooperative efforts, social interaction, and the free exchange of ideas and views. The Paso del Norte region is made up of the bi-national metropolitan area of El Paso, Texas; Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico; and Las Cruces, New Mexico.

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