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News Releases

In this section of the ACME MediaRoom, you'll find our news releases. The releases are listed in chronological order and are archived by year.

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2010 Archives

Mar 9, 2010
Excluding Japan, Job Prospects in Asia Pacific Region Remain Strong; Modest Improvements Across Americas and Mixed in Europe
Mar 2, 2010
Manpower Named Lead Sponsor of Global 40-City 'Stop Paying for Slavery' Tour, Focused on Raising Awareness to Eliminate Forced Labor From Supply Chains
Feb 10, 2010
Connective Power of Social Media to Enhance Innovation, Collaboration, Employee Engagement and Transform the World of Work
Feb 2, 2010
Acquisition of COMSYS Offers Strategic and Cultural Fit, Providing the Manpower Group of Companies with Unparalleled Presence, Capabilities and Value to Help Clients and Candidates Win
Jan 28, 2010
First-of-its-Kind Social Network Designed with the Sole Purpose of Creating a Work-Ready Talent Pool
Jan 27, 2010
Employees are Eight Times More Likely to be Engaged When Wellness is a Priority at Work
Jan 27, 2010
As 'Workforce Accelerators,' Temporary Workers are a Company's Best Kept Secret for a Sustainable Comeback, Manpower Inc. Chairman and CEO Joerres Illustrates for World Economic Forum Executives, Government Leaders
Jan 26, 2010
Annual Manpower Research Indicates that Talent Mismatches, Individual Choice, Customer Sophistication and Technological Revolutions are Increasing the Velocity of Change in the World of Work